10 people to follow on Twitter for Aussie golf updates

Our “must-follow” list of Tweeters who will keep you up to speed with Australian golf news and chat.

There now seems like an infinite number of ways you can keep up to date with your sport of choice. One of them of course is Twitter, which even a few Luddite friends are admitting to be a good way to keep up to speed with golf news.

Among the plentiful number of Australian media pundits on twitter who love golf, I’ve selected a few “must-follow” twits. I’ve selected those who know what they are talking about, who are prolific tweeters with golf as their main talking point, and perhaps most importantly, love a good chat the game the love.

In short, if you want to consider yourself up-to-date with the latest news in Australian golf, you should be following these blokes.

Ben Everill
Ben covers the US PGA Tour events for the AAP. Nearly all newspaper articles on the US PGA Tour are written by Ben these days. Ben is all over Twitter during the tournaments closely following the Aussies, and can seemingly calculate world ranking points in his sleep.


Luke Elvy
Some claim Ben Everill is our Bruce McAveney of golf but I’d argue Luke is. Has a memory for Australia golf trivia like you wouldn’t believe. He writes a weekly blog on Golf Australia’s website and provides great Australian golf insights on Twitter.


Mike Clayton
Clayts refers to Twitter as a bad habit but I’ve learned spades about golf course design following him on Twitter. Always willing to discuss golf courses and hot topics in golf. I love his philosophy of the game and is a must-follow on Twitter.


Brendan James
As editor of Golf Australia magazine, it’s not surprising BJ is considered a golf expert. A passionate golfer who has played most Australian golf courses, his opinions on golf politics tour decisions are always food for thought.


Mark Hayes
Loves his footy cricket, ice-hockey. And golf. Hayesy writes for the Herald-Sun and is a mad keen golfer who will chat about golf at the drop of a hat. Or a tweet. Get on Hayesy’s feed for plenty of great golf chat.


Martin Blake
Blakey is also a mad-keen sports fan so you’re going to get a great variety of sporting insights here. Formerly at The Age, Blake a passionate golf fan who now writes for Golf Australia. He has played Augusta too you know.


Robert Lusetich
Lusetich is an Aussie and FoxSports.com’s senior golf writer. In addition to news of Australian fortunes on the US PGA Tour, you’ll get a lot of great updates from on the ground at each tournament covering all the players.


Grant Dodd
Former professional golfer Grant Dodd commentates on the OneAsia Tour and also writes for Australian Golf Digest. He knows his golf and understands the state of the game in Australia particularly well.


Mark Allen
Mark Allen is another former professional golfer who hosts a number of radio shows on SEN and follows the main tours very closely.


Brenton Speed
While FoxSports’ Speedy concentrates a fair chunk of his Twitter feed on football chat (not that there’s anything wring with that), the man loves his golf and you can be sure he’s glued to the action when an Aussie is in contention.

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