YouTube’s most popular golf teaching professional visits Australia: video

Shawn Clement is one of YouTube’s most popular golf swing teachers and he recently made the long trip to Australia.

Shawn Clement has over 38,000 subscribers to his golf teaching YouTube channel and the Canadian golf teaching guru was in Australia recently to present his unique style of teaching to some keen golfers at Bonnie Doon.

On behalf of Inside Golf, I went out to chat to Clement about his unique style, using the internet to teach, and talk about how technology has changed the way you teach the golf swing.

Clement is equally adept at golf as both a right and left-handed golfer, playing off scratch and shooting scores in the 60’s off both sides of his body, but his golf instruction videos aren’t specific to any level of golfer and apply across the full range of skill levels.

“Whether you’re nine years old, or you’re ninety-nine years old, because we understand anatomy we would never teach anything that went against how your human body works.” Clement said.

Check out the full story over at Inside Golf.

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