Woman makes a hole-in-one in her first round of golf

When Julia Steele Scott was asked by her boyfriend if she wanted to play her first round of golf, she ended up with something many regular golfers never do in their lifetime, a hole-in-one.


Last Sunday, Julia Steele Scott’s boyfriend, Simon Gallie suggested they play golf at his home club of Cheltenham Golf Club in Melbourne, thinking it would be a quiet afternoon and a good place to introduce Julia to the game.

You see Julia had never played golf before, so she would hardly have been expecting a decent score, let alone a hole-in-one.

“I’m a fitness instructor, not a golfer at all! I’ve been to the driving range with him once.” Julia said.

“But Simon suggested that on a quiet Sunday we go down to his golf club and play a few holes. He wanted it to be a quiet day to make sure I didn’t hold up play too much.”

Armed with just three ladies clubs (a driver, 7-iron and putter), Julia was handed the 7-iron to tee off at the 105 metre par-3 6th hole.

“Every shot I took, I just played with whatever he handed me. My game had been a bit all over the place. Some shots I hit well and some were dreadful but this particular shot I could tell I hit well,” Julia said.

“We saw it land on the green just past Simon’s ball. It rolled towards the hole and Simon said ‘This could go in.’ ” Julia said recalling the magical moment. “I laughed like ‘yeah right!’ Then it dropped in the hole and we both were like ‘What!’ ”

“I collapsed to the ground. Simon pulled out his phone and started videoing me when I got up and I was jumping around freaking out.”

As a pennant player for Cheltenham, Julia’s boyfriend Simon knows just how difficult it is to get a hole-in-one and sounds almost as Julia is about the accomplishment.

“Simon put the video up on Facebook, he loves telling everyone that I hit a hole in one. He honestly could not be more proud.” Julia said.

The video of Julia’s excitement has been a huge hit on Facebook and has garnered the usual mix of excitement and resentment when another golfer gets a hole-in-one.

As we all know, many golfers play their whole lives without ever getting one and here is a golfer who shoots an ace on her first-ever trip to the golf course.

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