What is a claret jug anyway?

As Aussie Golfer sat down in wintry conditions last night to watch the first round of the British Open, two things sprang to mind.

The first was just how much warmer it seemed to get as soon as I switched on the telecast.

Hopefully things might brighten up over the course of the weekend but for the moment I’ll take the Australian winter before the English summer thank you very much.

The second was why the claret jug for a trophy? And what is a claret jug anyway?

Well it turns out that the jug was always awarded to the British Open champion. It once was a belt! Young Tom Morris won the belt three times in a row before the claret jug was awarded in 1872. Again won by Young Tom Morris.

After some research I’m still not sure why they went with a claret jug.

It’s made in the style of the jugs used to serve claret at 19th century shin-digs and were perhaps considered quite elegant. It still is. It’s a great trophy.

There’s even a guy who collects them and has a website about them here! I think I want one.

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