Want to get tickets to the 2012 US Masters?

US Masters organisers are making available 2012 US Masters tickets to the public for the first time 47 years.
The US Masters doesn’t actually issue ‘tickets’, but badges. Which take the place of tickets. Traditionally, these badges are extremely difficult to get your hands on for the practice days, let alone the weekend action.
The Masters is moving all of its ticketing services online and now anyone can submit an application to attend the 2012 US Masters by signing in and entering your information.
2012 US Masters application: Ticket applications for tournament days must be submitted by June 30. Practice round applications must be submitted by July 30. Ticket allocation for each round will be determined by a random selection process, with applicants notified by email within several weeks of the application deadline.

Next year’s tournament begins on April 2, 2012

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