Video: Tiger Woods and that incredible flop shot

“The most unbelievable, gutsy shot I’ve ever seen” – Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods played a shot this morning that was, according to Jack Nicklaus, “The most unbelievable, gutsy shot I’ve ever seen”.

It’s not hard to believe when you check out the video. Water behind the hole, dodgy lie and he goes ahead and lobs it in, and went on to win the Memorial Tournament tying Jack Nicklaus’ record of 73 PGA Tour tournament victories.

It has lead to the cries of “He’s back!” sounding out from around the world of golf.

5 thoughts on “Video: Tiger Woods and that incredible flop shot

  • Amazing golf shot by Tiger. Will be shot of the year at this early stage barring any great ones in the following months to come.

  • So this is better than the Phil Mickleson shot? I guess it went in so it must be. herb

  • It was good and it was gutsy, but so too was Phil’s. I think Phil’s was off a tighter lie. Both very good individual shots and impossible to say one was better than the other.

  • Great crative play by Tiger Woods. No guts, no glory. Is he back? Well we shall find out shortly. Three majors to play, so he has plenty of opportunity.


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