Video: Shark living in golf course lake

We featured this video earlier in the week (8 Australian golf course you’ve never heard of) but it is just too incredible not to mention again.

Members of Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane have known to stay well clear of the lake bordering holes on the back nine for a number of years now. Rumours circulated for years of a shark in the lake after the nearby Logan River burst its banks after a major flood in the 1990’s but until recently, it was known as just a good story.
Irrefutable evidence ‘surfaced’ a few years ago when one of the club members shot a video of a shark in the lake from the banks of the 15th fairway (see videos below). Sightings have become more and more common and some members claim to have seen more than one shark at once.

It is scary stuff but Queenslanders are hardy folk. Apparently there is a guy who swims in the lake now and then retrieving golf balls. Only Roy Scheider or Richard Dreyfuss would be silly enough to do something like that.

One thought on “Video: Shark living in golf course lake

  • Talk about a “Water HAZARD”! Was the course designed by Greg Norman??


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