Video: Mickelson plays golf shot from the road

Some golfers prone to moments of pure madness and Phil Mickelson is one of them. Not a Jean Van De Velde “I can’t watch!” type of madness but a “I have to watch this!” type of madness.

On Sunday he was going mad. He sliced a drive so far left that apparently Jack Nickluas (course designer) didn’t know about the hazard he was in. He took penalty and dropped on the other side of the hazard on a cart path.

He then went about nailing a 3-wood over 200 metres and ended up making double-bogey. I’d do this too if I had free club replacement.

One thought on “Video: Mickelson plays golf shot from the road

  • Some professionals would see the risk of damaging wrists by hitting this shot, and simply not do it. Not Phil, I enjoy his mentality and how he plays the game.


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