Does an alligator qualify as a dangerous situation? video

Found your golf ball in a dangerous situation?

This caddie goes beyond the call of duty here to ward off an alligator from his golfer’s ball.

But the golfer could have easily taken a free drop given it was a dangerous situation. We mentioned Decision 1-4/10: Dangerous Situation; Rattlesnake or Bees Interfere with Play in the Rules of Golf a few weeks ago and covers what the commentators are talking about here.

If you ball is deemed to be found in a dangerous situation, you are entitled to drop, without penalty, at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that is not dangerous. This goes for putting greens and hazards too, where you will need to drop in the hazard, or in a similar hazard away from the danger. If this isn’t possible, you will be forced to drop under the penalty of one stroke, out of the hazard.

I assume you can just drop a different ball in situations where it is also deemed impossible to retrieve you ball too.


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