TV Times for 2010 Open Championship

The Open Championship is a favourite of many Australian golf fans as it is the only major tournament we can watch a a half decent hour.All live coverage is on FoxSports as well as a repeat each day. Keep an eye for  lots of great old British Open Films in the days leading up to the tournament at St.Andrews.

Thursday and Friday: 6:00pm – 5:00am
Saturday: 10:00pm – 4.30am
Sunday: 7.00pm – 4.30 am

3 thoughts on “TV Times for 2010 Open Championship

  • NO free to air coverage this year.

  • They did this a couple of years ago & the shark was in the hunt. so channel 9 showed it & again last year with tom watson in the chase. but this year @ the home of golf it is not on free to air??? even though we see ads on tv pushing sport on free to air television. we sit & stomach the ad breaks &. still we are treated like scum. What a joke 9 is wide world of patheticness.


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