Tiger Woods hits golf balls from Asia to Europe

Tiger Woods hits a golf ball from Asia to Europe, but not everyone is happy about it.

Tiger Woods is playing the Turkish Airlines Open this week for a reported $3million appearance fee. With the hefty appearance fee comes with it whacky promotional stunts such as this one, hitting a golf ball across the Bosphorus Bridge.

Traffic stopped for over an hour while Tiger hit a few balls across the bridge which spans the Bosphorus Strait and connects Asia to Europe. According to a press release Tiger said:

“To be the first golfer to do this was very cool. I have really enjoyed my visit to Istanbul. To see the Bosphorus for the first time was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.”

The things you do for $3million, huh?

But some of the locals weren’t so happy about the stop in traffic. Eye on Golf spotted this video of a guy who is clearly not a Tiger Woods fan and just wants to drive across the bridge.

As a complete, non-golf aside, if you want to know more about the history of life around the Bosphorus check out this fantastic BBC Radio Show from a few years ago.

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