Tiger back on top of the leaderboard

We may possibly look back on today’s round by Tiger Woods as the day he truly returned to form.
Tiger Woods’ putter ran hot today as he knocked in 29 putts for the second day in a row and finished with a 5-under par 67 to sit atop the leaderboard. And it has been a very long time since we have seen that.
While Woods ran up two bogey’s in his round, something he didn’t do at all yesterday, his iron play was strong enough to leave him with birdie putts for most of the day.
Here are a few grabs from his post-round media conference.
“I played well today. I could have been a little lower on my first nine holes. I parred a couple of the par fives. Basically I felt that I never really missed a shot. Even though I shot five under today it felt like it could easily been eight or nine deep.”
On being on top of the leaderboard again;
“The headlines tell the whole story, don’t they. They know all…It is one of those things, just being patient. I’m playing like I explained to you guys yesterday, I’m playing like I am playing at home. It has finally come to the golf course in a tournament setting. I have been hitting it like this at home but it hasn’t come out in a tournament setting yet. That’s the best progression. I have been through swing changes before. That’s what’s happened. It takes a little time but once it starts coming the confidence starts building.”
On having the crowds excited again;

“It feels great. To have everyone so fired up. Jason is playing well too at the same time. We have an Aussie here. We certainly had the crowds cheering, which was great. The second part of the question, what was the last time, it was probably Sunday at Augusta.” 

“I’ll tell you what, it was great. Starting from Wednesday early morning they were great. Yesterday and today, playing with two Aussies, that helps. Everyone is kind of into it. On top of that, Jason and I both played well. The crowds were just rooting for me. Jason was doing great. It was a fun atmosphere to be part of.” 

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