Through the Green – engagements, DQs and loose cannons

Richard Green. Getty Images

Two more Aussie winners – 5 in three weeks!

Richard Green came from seven shots behind the leader to win the Portugal Masters on the European Tour netting himself €500,000. Former Nationwide Tour player Kim Felton won the China Classic on the Asian Tour, his biggest win of his career.
It has been a great three weeks for Australian golfers. Previously Steven Bowditch and Scott Gardiner won on the Nationwide Tour; and Katherine Hull won on the US LPGA Tour.
This guy really doesn’t know… I’m going to stop. Roy and HG said it best this week on their Triple M show, The Life. Listen here:

Aussie golfer disqualifies himself – as expected
Adam Blythe disqualified himself for signing an incorrect scorecard on the weekend. He only realised the day after the final round.
The only problem I have with all this is the way it was reported: “Australia’s Adam Blyth has shown what the game of golf is all about when he disqualified himself…”. We should stop holding golfers who play by the rules up in lights. It is the rules. It is expected. Only cheats should be named.
A Las Vegas newspaper has called Anthony Kim a loose cannon after he was mouthing off at the craps table this week. He’s getting plenty of support for his behaviour in American golf circles but one wonders what the reaction might be if Sergio was involved. Or Robert Allenby for that matter. 

4 thoughts on “Through the Green – engagements, DQs and loose cannons

  • I hate to be the “party pooper” here, but to compare the antics of a rich 25 year old kid on the loose in Las Vegas with a nearly as rich 40 year old man is a little rash.
    Hey, if you can’t act stupid in Las Vegas, where can you? Besides, unlike some older adults at those craps tables, at least Anthony can afford to waste his money. Kim’s behavior may be boorish, but I’m sure the casinos had no problem accepting his cash.
    Kim’s shenanigans may have cost a lot more, but looking back, were no different than mine and, probably, yours at the same age.

  • Quite possibly Gene. Yes. I see your point. I suppose I was just coming from the angle that given Allenby’s previous comments, and Sergio’s low popularity in the US, they both wouldn’t have been given the same support under the same circumstances – as harmless as I agree it was.

  • To continue the thread. I think in the U.S. Allenby’s comments during the President’s Cup was treated as a guy who was just P.O.’ed at the fact that he got thumped by an opponent who (might) have been up late with the posse the night(s) before.

    I think that American’s WANT to like Sergio, harking back to the exuberant jumps at the 1999 PGA and the beer ads. Unfortunately, the yips and demons over his last 10 years, the never-ending waggles and a litany of missed “gimmies” like, ironically, when he got annihilated by Kim in the 2008 Ryder Cup have soured U.S. fans on him. We Yanks are bandwagon fans who like winners.

    Don’t think that Kim is getting a pass. He may have on, but many are projecting his lifestyle to, as one writer said, “sitting outside the Masters selling merchandise out of his Winnebago.” Ouch!

    A wife and family to support can eat a hole in anyone’s bank balance. Supporting a rowdy posse in an “Entourage” lifestyle can leave you flat broke.

    Only time will tell if this is just a life phase of Anthony or…….

  • That’s very true…well said. And as for Allenby. There’s few times on a golf course he isn’t pissed off! 🙂
    In fairness, that’s exactly what he said though.


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