Three aces in one day, on the same hole

Last Saturday a piece of history was made at Melbourne’s Eastwood Golf Club. In what is considered to be a world first, three golfers scored three hole-in-one’s on the same hole!
The first golfer, Dragan Milosevic assumed he had won the nearest-the-pin prize when he aced the 137 metre, par-3 14th hole in the morning. But two golfers in the same afternoon group, Lance Robinson and Lindsay Howard, replicated the perfect shot on the same hole. Both golfers were even marking each other’s card.
Check out the full story over at Inside Golf, they are looking for someone to calculate the odds of this happening.

One thought on “Three aces in one day, on the same hole

  • I’ve never got a hole in one, still waiting. My friend got one a few months back here in Thailand, the party went on well into the early hours in the 19th watering hole. For Mr Milosevic, I have quite a good idea how he might have felt after receiving the news of 2 further hole in ones later that day.


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