Thornleigh Golf Centre is one of the best golf driving ranges in Australia

Thornleigh Golf Centre opened a few years ago and one Australia’s best golf driving ranges.

Thornleigh Golf Centre in the northern suburbs of Sydney was the vision of golf professional Steve Aisbett who poured his heart, soul and money into what is arguably Australia’s best driving range facility.

The centre is primarily a golf driving range but it functions as much more which you get a good feel for as you enter the huge pro shop at the top of the steps.

It’s stocked full of clubs and golf gear but a part of it also is open as a café (with free wi-fi and Foxtel) and available as a function space for corporate days or private events.

The driving range is state of the art with 56 hitting bays across two levels and full auto-tee technology (your ball is teed up for you). The range targets are better than you’ll find anywhere else with contouring around target greens (and bunkers) to give a more realistic feel.

In addition to the driving range Thornleigh has two mini-golf courses (that’s right, two!) and most impressively, a dedicated short game area that is perfect for practising your putting, chipping and bunker shots. It’s often a part of the game that gets overlooked at the golf range but Thornleigh has that element also covered.

We can’t recommend enough the teaching staff at Thornleigh. The team are often running school holiday golf lessons for the kids, and you can book a lesson online with any of them for yourself.

We were very impressed with what we saw at Thornleigh Golf Centre and glad the facility is successfully up and running. We took our time getting around to trying out the facilities at Thornleigh but we’ve not been to a better range in Australia.

And we just found this very cool video of Thornleigh made by a guy with a drone and a GoPro…

2 thoughts on “Thornleigh Golf Centre is one of the best golf driving ranges in Australia

  • Totally agree!

  • This place is an utter joke! No golf bags on the tee? How is a serious golfer supposed to practice? And their staff are just downright rude!


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