THE WISDOM OF PADRAIG How to get kids into golf

In our ongoing series dedicated to the wisdom of Padraig Harrington, we bring you his latest thoughts on how to get kids into the game.

The three-time major champion made his comments on the best way for young players to learn to love golf ahead of the PNC Championship just before Christmas, and Harrington’s words rang true for a lot of people.

“So the best thing you can do with a kid early on in golf is say, ’Hey, we have to go home,’ and don’t wait to get tired and hate it,” Harrington said. “Wait till when they’re actually enjoying themselves, go home.”

It was his bit at the end that was the most important.

“When you’re finished, take 10 minutes to spend with your son or daughter and go and have a Coke, a Pepsi this week. Go and have a Pepsi in the bar, wherever it is, and sit there, have an ice cream, and spend 10, 15 minutes,” Harrington said.

“If they have that 15 minutes alone time with you, just you and them, for the rest of their life, every time they play golf, they’ll remember the 15 minutes they had with their father or mother and that’s what keeps bringing them back to golf.”

Check out his full comments below. A lot of what Harrington says is true for many pursuits, not just golf. But it’s golf that has the most to learn, given the club environment can often be a daunting, intimidating environment to start playing golf.

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