THE WISDOM OF PADRAIG Harrington on the rollback of the golf ball

The golf ball rollback is a good thing for the game of golf around the world. Anyone thinking otherwise should have a listen to Padraig Harrington.

Padraig Harrington has been asked for his thoughts on a few important topics relating to the future of golf. And they’re so good that “The Wisdom of Padraig” might become a regular post.

Asked for a few thoughts on the recently announced rollback of the golf ball by the R&A and USGA, Harrington was only too happy to oblige.

“I asked @padraig_h for his ‘quick’ rollback take. He then spoke for 7 consecutive minutes without coming up for air.

I promise it’s worth your time, especially if you stick around for the very end when he makes an incredibly bold prediction for the future of golf”

For a full seven minutes, Harrington points out the societal differences between the USA and the dangers of doing nothing as the golf ball goes further and further.

“The 1% of amateurs, or 1 or 2%, maybe 5%, the young adults that we want to play the game, they can hit it,” Harrington said.

“And when they miss, the miss big. It goes off the golf course, pitches in the middle of other fairways. It’s dangerous.”

His prediction at the end about the future of professional golf is worth sticking around for.

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