The thief, the golfer, the pawn shop and the copper

A man’s stolen golf clubs have been retrieved in a bizarre set of circumstances.

The Herald-Sun reports on the owner of some stolen golf clubs retrieving them only moments after the thief tried to pawn them off at the local Cash Converters.

Originally published in the Melbourne’s Waverley Leader, Alison Harding reports that a golfer’s clubs were stolen from his garage in Oakleigh. Only minutes after giving details of the clubs to his local Cash Converters, the thief walked in to pawn them off.

Mr Wilson took one look at the clubs, told the offender to wait, and phoned the police.

“I was on the phone to the coppers straight away,” he said.

Mordialloc police Sergeant Mick Sewell then happened to drop in to the store to chat about a spate of thefts in the area.

“The assistant looked at me and said ‘That was quick!’, thinking I was there about the golf clubs, so I explained I was there about something else,” Sgt Sewell said.

Sgt Sewell was quickly briefed on the situation so went to chat to the alleged burglar, who was patiently waiting to be given a price for the clubs.

At the same time, the store phoned the owner of the clubs, who was still in the area, driving along the Nepean Highway.

He returned to the store and identified his clubs. The owner also noticed another set of clubs and identified them as belonging to his neighbour in his apartment block.

Not a bad tip if you have your golf clubs stolen; let every pawn shop in the area know.

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