The R&A release their Pace of Play manual for download

Things are getting serious. The R&A have released a Pace of Play manual.

The R&A have released a document outlining strategies to combat pace of play problems in the game of golf. The manual is available to view and download via their website and offers advice to golfers, club management and golf course ground staff on how to speed up the time it takes to play a round of golf.

The manual will be distributed to the R&A affiliated organisations around the world and we’re assuming that Golf Australia will then pass it on to every golf club in Australia.

The guide introduces the problem of slow play on the golf course, and then offers advice on the best practices to combat the issue via club management practices, course set-up and player behaviour.

We’re pleased to see ‘hole positions’ and ‘starting intervals’ discussed as an issue in the manual, something (in my experience) contributes to slow play at a several courses around the country. Let’s hope as many clubs and golfers in Australia get to see this as quickly as possible.

Check out the R&A Pace of Play Manual for yourself.

2 thoughts on “The R&A release their Pace of Play manual for download

  • PAce of play is obviously a problem at every level from the pga on down. I’m not sure what this manual is really going to do to change things though. Be interesting to see if they discuss possible rule changes as a solution (out of bounds changing to lateral hazards, for example)

  • Bill Yates whom is referenced in the manual is actually coming out to Australia to present at a Golf Business Forum in Melbourne this July. As well our own Carbrook GC in Qld is mentioned on Page 60! Its not rocket science but more a paradigm shift in thinking.


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