The putter gets a new face

Broomstick putters, belly putters, white drivers, thick handles. Just when you thought nothing else could be redesigned in golf comes along this little creation from MxVGolf.
I don’t know a lot about MxVGolf (Mass x Velocity) but it seems a curved putter face is what they do, and it’s a strange looking thing.
Based on the idea of Newton’s cradle, the putter supposedly gives you a more accurate strike towards the true centre of gravity of the golf ball.  It appears that it will prohibit putts from striking the lower half of the ball, with the putter face having exactly the same radius as a golf ball.
The putter will be released in the US in December and it is not surprising to hear it comes in the belly putter variety.
Cheers to Orlando Golf Blogger for this one.

2 thoughts on “The putter gets a new face

  • Holy cow, that is brilliant. At first I thought it was like that rounded face cheezy thing from the infomercials. With the “putter face having exactly the same radius as a golf ball” at worst, you strike on the upper half…much better then too low! Awesome idea.


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