World Golf Tour is the most realistic online golf game

Aussie Golfer recently mentioned the new Tiger Woods Online golf game but in terms of golf realism, I think the World Golf Tour has it covered.

It does not have anywhere near the tournament, format and award capabilities just yet but it makes up for it in the superb gameplay and visuals. All courses have been photographed and digitally incorporated into the game.

Recently, the front nine at St.Andrews has been added to the list of courses you can play and it is stunning as you can see from a real game play image below. That is me back down the first fairway. I don’t hit it that short normally. I just played it safe.

One thought on “World Golf Tour is the most realistic online golf game

  • Love the WGT online game, have been playing it for a few months. Apart from the frustrating putting, the gameplay is good and the graphics brilliant. Will have to challenge you to a matchplay on the old course!


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