Cigar Guy and Tiger Woods: The greatest golf photo of the year

On Saturday, Tiger Woods played an embarrassing golf shot. Faced with a tough chip shot on a side-hill, muddy lie – he fluffed it. 

He took a chunk of dirt the size of Gondwana from behind the ball. It squirted a few metres to the right and straight into the lens of Mail on Sunday’s photographer, Mark Pain.
Just after he had taken this photograph.
The ball landed at his feet and neither Woods or caddie Steve Williams could say anything about his position – it was just a terrible shot.

It is an incredible photograph, not least for the guy with the fake moustache and cigar on the right! At least I hope it’s fake.

Here’s an update on this photograph that’s doing the rounds on the internet. He’s fast becoming an internet phenomenon. AG’s own lame version is the bottom one.

cigar man golf
cigar man sarah murdoch

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