The Dan Plan to feature on SBS Insight Tuesday night: video

Here is the preview of tomorrow night’s SBS Insight episode featuring Dan from The Dan Plan.

A reminder to check out SBS’ Insight program tomorrow night (July 22, 2014) at 8:30pm. The Q&A style program will feature Dan from The Dan Plan who is applying 10,000 hours of deliberate golf practice whom I played a round of golf with last week.

And another preview focussing a little more specifically on Dan’s plan.

It’s an interesting debate without seeing the full episode it sounds to me like the audience member is missing the point of Dan’s experiment a little. While I certainly don’t think Dan’s goal of competing on the PGA tour is a sure thing, the 10,000 hours of practice theory will (almost be definition) not only be undertaken by someone determined enough to succeed but also provide the necessary skills to compete under pressure.

It should be good watching. And in case you missed it here is our chat with Dan last week at Bonnie Doon Golf Club.

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