TGL postpones inaugural indoor golf season after new arena collapses

The inaugural season of the Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy-backed indoor golf league, TGL, is facing a one-year delay due to a recent incident at the SoFi Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The collapse of the arena’s dome, caused by a power system failure during construction, has prompted the league to reschedule its debut to early 2025. Despite the setback, the league remains confident in the decision, emphasizing the opportunity to enhance the delivery of its concept.

TGL is trying to innovate golf with a focus on team match play in a high-tech arena, and had initially planned to commence its season on January 9, 2024.

The collapse of the dome, fortunately, resulted in no injuries and minimal impact on the league’s advanced golf simulators and technology. Tiger Woods, expressed optimism, assuring fans that the league’s unique concept would be realized by the committed players.

“This decision came after reviewing short-term solutions, and the primetime sports television calendar,” Woods said in a statement on social media. “Despite this new timeline for the venue, we remain excited about the future of TGL and will continue to build excitement between now and the start of the season with our players, fans and teams.”

The delay, supported by key partners and investors, allows TGL to prioritize a thorough and comprehensive repair process rather than rushing to meet the original schedule.

High-profile team owners, such as Steve Cohen, Arthur Blank, and the Williams sisters, along with a multi-year media rights deal with ESPN, underline the considerable backing and interest in the league.

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