Teepster Expands Fantasy Golf Platform with Exciting New Features

New tours and a new advertising feature for golf stores and golf clubs are all part of a major upgrade for Teepster.

Media release

In a major update, Teepster.com is proud to unveil an enhanced version of its fantasy golf platform, introducing several exciting features that elevate the user experience. Teepster remains committed to providing golf enthusiasts with a free, easy-to-use fantasy sports experience, and these latest additions make it even more engaging.

New tours
Teepster has long been known for simplifying the management of the “One & Done” format, where users strategically pick a golfer on the US PGA Tour each week to compete against others. This format adds a layer of strategy and excitement to following the world’s biggest golf tour. Now, with the introduction of the DP World European Tour and LIV Golf tours, Teepster users can compete against their friends on three of the largest globally renowned professional golf tours.

New advertising feature
One of the standout features of this update is the inclusion of a premium feature for organizations. Leagues can now benefit from a premium advertisement feature, allowing organizations to showcase their promotions, sales, or links to any webpage using a banner advertisement within their league. This adds a new dimension to league customization and offers organizations a unique way to engage with their audience.

Free to play
Teepster remains committed to inclusivity, allowing anyone to join the fun with a free-to-play model. Whether you’re a seasoned golf enthusiast or a casual fan, the platform provides a fun and engaging way to experience professional golf tournaments.

For those familiar with footy tipping, Teepster’s weekly pick system will feel like a natural fit. It adds an extra layer of competition for golf fans as players can go head-to-head for just bragging rights, prizes, or a share of the prize pool.

“We’re excited to bring these new features to our users,” said Michael Green, founder of Teepster. “Teepster continues to evolve, offering a dynamic and entertaining platform for fantasy golf FANS. We are excited about the addition of new tours and the premium advertisement features, providing users with more options to customize and enjoy their One and Done fantasy golf leagues.”

To explore the enhanced Teepster platform and take advantage of the new features, visit https://teepster.com.

About Teepster:
Teepster is an online fantasy golf platform that brings golf enthusiasts together for an exciting and competitive experience. Users can create their own leagues, make weekly picks, and compete for bragging rights or a share of the prize pool. With a user-friendly interface and inclusivity at its core, Teepster is the go-to destination for fantasy golf aficionados.

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