Steve Williams knew when Norman had sex

Here at Aussie Golfer your comments and feedback is important. So important that it can spawn new stories and in this case, new jokes.

I thought I was pretty clever by including my own gag concerning Tiger Woods’ exploits in a recent article surrounding his New Zealand caddy Steve Williams.

But it was topped by another gag concerning Steve Williams by “Merce” in the comments section under the article.

It is so good and so subtle I’m reproducing it here:

“Steve was quoted once as saying he always knew when the Shark had had “sex” because of his filthy mood on the next tee.”

Let it be known that Chris is also a Kiwi so he knows the accent well. Thanks Chris. I haven’t stopped laughing.

2 thoughts on “Steve Williams knew when Norman had sex

  • I wonder how many people get this joke, as cleaver as it is? herb

  • Since I’m American, let’s see. The joke is “six,” am I right?


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