State of the Game golf podcast is now on Soundcloud

If you haven’t listened to the State of the game golf podcast before, you should. Check out the latest episode below.

One of the best golf podcasts going around is ‘State of the Game’ and it has recently arrived on SoundCloud – which makes it just that little bit easier to access, and for us to share!

Hosted by Rod Morri, State of the Game features Mike Clayton and Geoff Shackelford chatting about golf and has been a must-listen for us for many years.

This week’s podcast (episode 59) has Morri, Clayton and Shackelford talking about the greater interest in golf course architecture among golfers, the 12-hole golf course idea (!!), kids golf courses and ‘fins on Cadillacs’.

We’ll be sharing State of the Game more often here now but don’t forget you can also listen via iTunes and download any of the mp3’s via the library over at Geoff Shackelford’s website.

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