St.Andrews resets course record

The Old Course at St.Andrews will play 26 yards longer this year than in 2005 and because of this, the Link Trust have thrown out all previous course records.

It doesn’t matter that Curtis Strange shot a 62 in the Dunhill Cup 1987 or that Brian Davis matched it in 2003, they were on a shorter St.Andrews Old Course. In fact, both of these course records were thrown out prior to the 2005 British Open when the course was initially lengthened.
So who holds the course record? Bradley Dredge and Mikko Ilonen have both shot 64 since the records have been reset.

Does my Tiger Woods ’07 round of 58 need to be reset too?!

This is absolutely ridiculous. The courses are lengthened because golfers are hitting the ball further due to better technology. Irrespective of the shorter golf courses, the old course records of Brian Davis and Curtis Strange are arguably more impressive than anyone who may shoot a 62 today.
The St.Andrews Links Trust would prefer everyone call the British Open, “The Open Championship” as it is known in the UK. They are certainly not making any friends with these sort of decisions and it won’t be surprising to hear it called by a few other names.

2 thoughts on “St.Andrews resets course record

  • Quite surprised by the decision… can’t wait for Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and Bethpage Black to reset their course records as well.

  • Thats why they’re royal and ANCIENT.


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