Snake eats a wallaby at Paradise Palms golf course in Cairns

A wallaby was no match for a scrub python out the fairways of Paradise Palms on the weekend.


Paradise Palms golf course is a serene place. Lush tropical forests surround a great golf course with one of the best club houses going around.

But it’s not all paradise, especially not for this wallaby that became lunch for this python out on the 17th fairway.

Tom Volling of The Cairns Post reported that a bunch of golfers spotted crazy encounter during their Saturday morning round.

Golfer Robert Willemse said it seemed the python got hold of the wallaby’s head and rolled into the middle of the fairway on the 17th hole.

Another group of golfers spotted the wrestle about 200 metres from the green.

“They shouted us over and said there’s a python having a go at a wallaby,” Mr Willemse said.

“The python swallowed it and rolled into the creek, then snuck back into the bush. It must have gone for a rest for the next few days.”

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