Shane Lowry swears on live television and he’s not apologising for it

When Shane Lowry hit his golf ball into the water at The Bear Trap, he did what most of us would do.

The Bear Trap at PGA National isn’t the kindest stretch of holes on the PGA Tour (as Adam Scott found out last week) and I’d be surprised if Shane Lowry was the first person to let fly with a few expletives. You see the Irishman hit his ball towards the water at the par-3 15th hole and let fly with a few Irish-laden expletives that had the commentators apologising.

Swearing is a natural part of life to an Irishman, who can one be expected to tone it down playing the most frustrating game on the planet? It seems Lowry thinks the same way and was not apologetic. Fair play to him.

And anyway, it came moments after Lowry’s playing partner Smylie Kaufman snapped his club over his knee after he too hit his ball into the water.

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