Rumours abound that Australia may be a stop on the 2023 LIV Golf Tour

There’s not enough solid information coming through to comment much on it yet, but there are plenty of rumours circulating about the plans for the Studio 54 Tour to stage an event in Australia in 2023.

A Reuters piece at Golf Australia Magazine reports on the vague LIV Golf League expansion plans for next year.

The full LIV Golf League schedule was not announced on Wednesday but the Saudi Arabia-funded breakaway circuit said events would be played across North and Latin Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

Just as with the LIV Golf Invitational Series, which launched in June, LIV Golf League will feature simultaneous team and individual play.

The 48 contracted players, who will be part of 12 “team franchises”, will be competing for an unprecedented $US585 million ($A837 million) in prize purses.

LIV said the schedule would not compete with the majors, international team events or heritage events “so the best players in the game will always be able to make their own choices about where to play”.

It has a number of golf fans wondering just where this event would even be staged – many of Australia’s best courses may be reluctant to touch this one. State governments would also be very hesitant.

One would also hope it doesn’t detract from out national golf tournament.



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