Peter Hanson double hits the golf ball: video

There was a double hit during the final round of the European Tour event last weekend.

Eventual winner, Peter Hanson of Sweden hit his ball twice during a short chip shot from the fringe.

I’ve seen this happen most often during bunker shots when the ball pops out a little slower than usual. The golfer strikes the ball again on the follow through.

Hanson’s double hit was only picked up by slow motion cameras. Unlike tennis, this is against the rules and incurs a one stroke penalty.

According to rule 14-4:

“If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all.”

So if a golfer strikes the ball three times during a swing, one stroke it counted, plus one penalty stroke. Once again. Two strokes in all.

4 thoughts on “Peter Hanson double hits the golf ball: video

  • Just to let you know, it was Peter and not Soren Hanson that won last week!

    Good Blog.

  • I remember this and couldn’t wait to see what was said about it in peoples comments. My only thought is that if it was not notuced with the naked eye then should not be counted, or there should be a slow-mo replay of every contact of the ball by every player just to be fair.

  • what if it’s foursomes?


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