Royal Troon votes to accept female members; Muirfield may vote again

One week ahead of The Open Championship, Royal Troon votes to admit female members.

Just in time, the members of Royal Troon have voted overwhelmingly in favour of admitting female members.

Royal Troon is host to next week’s Open Championship and the decision is timely (and perhaps not just a coincidence) avoiding any negative press during the tournament.

It now means that Muirfield is the only golf club left on the Open Championship rotation that only allows male members.

After the negative press following their decision a few months ago, and the subsequent ban from hosting any future Open Championships by the R&A, it’s perhaps not surprising to hear that members of Muirfield are considering a second vote.

The members of Muirfield, known as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, announced this week that they were “seeking a fresh ballot of its membership on admitting women as members of the club”.

One thought on “Royal Troon votes to accept female members; Muirfield may vote again

  • To be honest, it really is about time that this changed for all clubs, isn’t it? It shouldn’t have needed this amount of pressure over not hosting the Open or the poor publicity to get another vote, it should be pretty obvious that it needed to happen.


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