Rating Australia’s Top 9 golf courses

Australian golf writer rates his best Australian golf courses.

Australian golf writer Ben Everill recently listed his Top 9 Australian golf courses for the new Back 9 Network website. These sorts of lists are usually wrought with controversy but by and large, this list by Everill seems to have everyone in agreement (Geoff Shackleford aside).
  1. Royal Melbourne West
  2. Kingston Heath
  3. Barnbougle Dunes
  4. Barnbougle Lost Farm
  5. New South Wales
  6. The National
  7. Royal Melbourne East
  8. Victoria
  9. Metropolitan
Check out the full article at the Back 9 Network for his description of each. What do you think? Has he left any courses out of the list you would include?

10 thoughts on “Rating Australia’s Top 9 golf courses

  • 8 of those 9 are either public or reciprocal for me and I have only played 2. Better get cracking on the others I guess.

  • I would have included Ellerston up near the top and dropped Metro from the list. Ellerston is still one of the best courses I have played, but other than that, it is an excellent list of 9.

  • Always a contentious one Ellerston. People are reluctant to rate a golf course that very few people have access too.

  • Where abouts is Joondalup on the list?

  • I would rate the Heath #1 but admit that I haven’t played at RM since all of the presidents cup work and I hear it’s pure.
    I would also rate Kooyonga in adelaide above Metro, but tough choices…

  • Love living in WA, we get the best of everything.
    Oh wait, no we don’t.

  • I agree with barnie and lost farm outstanding courses heard dent island in the whitsundays is a championship course hope to play there soon…. how does dent island stack up?

  • Paula, Hamilton island is spectacular. The views are some of the best you will see. The issue with the course is the greens, they have issues with the greens. In addition the amount of time and the quality of the course, whilst it is good, its not in the top “9” courses in Australia. I i think the list is missing plenty of good courses that are better then a few on this list!

    • Hamilton is a good course. They have had trouble with diseased greens for years but hopefully they have that sorted now. The fairways are very punishing, you often find a ball bounding in to rough that was hit close to middle. Wind is a big factor as many holes run across ridges at the top of the island, but the upside is those holes provide spectacular 360 degree views. Not a Top 10 course but definitely Top 50.


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