Presidents Cup format explained

Confused about the oddly sounding Presidents Cup formats? This should help.

The Presidents Cup consists of a series of team and singles matches across four days of golf between the USA and an International Team. Each match is worth one point with matchplay scoring in place.

A total of 34 points are awarded across four days of The Presidents Cup, 17.5 points needed to win the trophy.

Played on Thursday (6 matches) and Saturday morning (5 matches) the foursomes is the most disliked format among the golfers. Mainly because they don’t have full control over where their golf ball ends up.

Pitting two teams of two golfers against each other, players alternate hitting the golf ball, starting off the tee on each hole. If your partner hits it in the trees, it’s up to you to hit it out.

Fourball is played on Friday (6 matches) and Saturday afternoon (5matches).
In four-ball, all golfers play their own ball, and each hole is won by the team whose member has the lowest score.

Twelve singles matches complete the event on Sunday with all players squaring off against an opposing team player one-on-one in matchplay format. All matches finishing square after 18 holes will to go extra holes until a match winner is determined.

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