On Sergio Garcia’s stupid comments

A few comments on Sergio Garcia’s racists remarks.

I’ve resisted buying in too much to the stupid comments made by Sergio Garcia last week, but in order to fill everyone in and add my opinion, here goes.

At last week’s European Tour’s awards dinner Sergio Garcia was asked about his relationship with Tiger Woods and in particular whether he would have the world’s number one golfer round for dinner.

This was clearly asked in light of the most recent spat between the two players which was reignited at the PLAYERS Championship a few weeks ago when Garcia accused Woods of unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Garcia responded to the question at the awards dinner by saying: “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

There is no excuses for this sort of racist remark. No matter how jokingly it may have been intended.

You’d think Garcia would know better considering the furore over Steve Williams’ comments prior to the 2011 Australian Open regarding Woods and perhaps more pertinently, Fuzzy Zoeller’s infamous racist tirade in 1997 (video below).

Despite Garcia’s whining after the incident at the PLAYERS Championship and the long feud between he and Woods, Garcia seemed to be holding his head quite high before this – if that’s possible in a childlike ‘he said/she said’-type argument.

Garcia soon apologised and sponsors were quick to distance themselves from Garcia’s comments, but the Spaniard has lost of a lot of support.

The situation became farcical when European Tour boss George O’Grady put on a George Costanza like moment when he attempted to stand up for Garcia.

“We were convinced that he was trying to be funny, that it was a light-hearted remark that backfired. We know the connotation in the United States. We accept all races on the European Tour, we take it very strongly.” O’Grady said.

“Most of Sergio’s friends happen to be coloured athletes in the United States, he is absolutely abject in his apology and we accepted it.”

Clearly what was needed was for everyone to just shut up and think very clearly about what they are to say next.

Colin Montgomerie clearly didn’t think so and put his foot in it yesterday, as only he can.

“Somebody should tell us what to say because no one is quite sure what is right and wrong. George says ‘coloured’, somebody says ‘black’. But who is to say who is right and wrong?”, Montgomerie said.

Seriously, everyone just needs to keep their mouths shut.

I don’t believe Garcia is racist here but made a stupid remark in a feud that more closely resembles a school yard Barney rather than a disagreement between two professional athletes.

It would be easy to sweep this under the carpet and say that Garcia has apologised and to move on, but this will stay with Garcia now and he has a lot of work to do on and off the golf course to win some respect back.

In light of the history of golf, the game doesn’t need a racist spotlight thrown on it. Sport doesn’t need it and the nor does the world.

One thought on “On Sergio Garcia’s stupid comments

  • In my opinion, the question asked by the journalist was aimed at inflaming the situation. The journalist got the response he was looking for. Why ask the question in the first place?


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