Most controversial Aussie Golfer posts of 2009

Some of the most controversial posts on Aussie Golfer this year.
Most received a lot of comments for or against the topic but many also created a stir in the Aussie Golfer inbox.
  1. My golf is better than my score – This was by far and away the most controversial this year. It is something we hear and say all the time. The truth hurts.
  2. RIP four hour round of golf – Slow play rules the links.
  3. Hugh Grant blames golf for being single – He needed a reason, golf was a good one.
  4. Golf biased towards morning person – If you hate mornings but love golf, read this.
  5. Here’s an idea – 14 hole golf courses – Conservatives hate the idea have no good arguments against it, aside from tradition.
And from the professional golf world:
  1. How the Tiger Woods story has affected me – No surprises why this one was so controversial.
  2. Australian golf needs a hero – Before the Tiger Woods scandal, we were talking about golf.
  3. Birth of the hybrid golf club – Was the hybrid given its rightful status in golf bags across the world after Y.E.Yang beat Tiger Woods at the US Open?
  4. Figjam kicks out spectator – That’s Phil Mickelson’s nickname if you hadn’t heard.
  5. The recession is over – Australian golf is looking good again.

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