Monster alligator interrupts a round of golf in Georgia

We’ve have seen this sort of thing before but these monster alligators that occasionally roam through a golf course in south-eastern USA never ceases to amaze.

This huge alligator strolled across a green at The Club at Savannah Harbor and as Golfweek reported, it had the group trying to play out the hole ready to just give each other their putts.

“We all looked at each other and were asking what is that noise,” Vance told the newspaper. “At first, I thought it was the maintenance crew on the other side of the brush cutting it back or something. “

Then the gigantic prehistoric beast, whose species’ roots go back 200 million years, rumbled through the brush and strode onto the green. One of the golfers is seen in the video retrieving his putter on the far side of the hole.

Alligator Chronicles: 'Monster' gator rattles golfers in Savannah, Ga. (VIDEO)

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