PHILOSOPHY / Marc Leishman gets asked one of the most difficult questions of all-time

As defending champ at this week’s BMW Championship, Marc Leishman fronted the media to talk about his chances this week. But he was asked the sort of question philosophers (and even Donald Rumsfeld) have been pondering for years.

Clearly something was a little lost in the translation of the question but Marc Leishman looked genuinely perplexed when asked “Do you know what you don’t know?”.

Apologizing and then answering, Leishman wonders if it’s the right answer without being flippant or condescending about it.

It makes for one of the most hilarious, serious moments in a press interview we’ve seen in a long time. And as mentioned in Evin Priest’s tweet, it says a lot about the character of Marc Leishman as to how well, and politely he handed this one.


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Asking the *really* tough questions.

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