Those magnetic shirts from Greg Norman Collection

Positive ion golf shirts? Please…

The Spring 2010 Greg Norman Collection will introduce a range to shirts that appear just like many other shirts you may have seen before. They come in black, frost or cardinal colours with pin-stripes or pin-dots and contain anti-microbial and sun protecting material. But a particular shirt has an extra component built in – liquid titanium magnetic crystals.

According to the company, the “liquid titanium magnetic crystals” spun into the polyester shirt,

“…creates beneficial negative ions, which balance the positive ions and increase serotonin levels.” The “ion” is similar in principle to the various bracelets and necklaces that some athletes wear, which they say uses the mystic physics of “minus ions” to improve an athlete’s performance and promote an overall sense of physical well being.

Mystic physics? Ok.

I thought all of this sort of stuff had been put behind us many years ago with the Mayo Clinic’s report on the Q-Ray Bracelet back in 2002 and the subsequent court case in 2007. Admittedly, like the Q-Ray bracelet which you can still buy (and is used by many golfers) the shirts don’t claim all this mystic physics actually does anything in particular. Well, apart from improving an athlete’s performance and creating beneficial negative ions. The second being not so easy to measure.

Buy the shirts when the 2010 collection is officially released. They look great and no doubt they feel great – even Greg Norman is reportedly going to be wearing the shirts in tournaments. They may actually help you and The Shark play better. The Q-Ray bracelet reduced pain on many people – just like the placebo bracelet did.

If you’re looking for more reliable methods to improve your golf game without worrying if your negative ions are flowing – hit more balls and practice your putting – whether you buy the shirts or not.

One thought on “Those magnetic shirts from Greg Norman Collection

  • I don’t know about you, but i would have thought that you would want positive ions (irons) when playing and possibly positive driver and putts as well!!!

    What a load of rubbish, next thing golfers will only play course with good feng shui!!!



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