Lyle sends fans crazy with a hole-in-one: video

Jarrod Lyle sent tens of thousands of fans crazy on Friday by hitting a hole-in-one on the infamaous party hole at the Phoenix Open.

“Of all the holes in the world to have a hole-in-one on, this is probably the best you can think of,” Lyle said after he signed his scorecard.

“I probably looked like a complete moron carrying on down there. But it’s just one of those things. I think the crowd kind of spurs you on a little bit and I was trying to spur the crowd a little bit too to make it as loud as possible.”

This was Lyle’s first career hole-in-one and what a place to do it. The 16th at Scottsdale is surrounded everyday by tens of thousands of partying golf fans.

“So I just carried on and cheered and screamed and I think I dropped a naughty word up there. I was just so excited I didn’t realize the camera was about three feet in front of my face. There might be a letter in my locker next week. I don’t know.”

>Check out the video for yourself. His ‘naughty’ reaction is priceless. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

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