Justin Rose’s practice swing divot hits his golf ball: video

Justin Rose is forced to take a one-stroke penalty in very strange circumstances.

Now this is weird.

During the third round of the BMW Championship, Justin Rose took a practice swing directly behind his golf ball. He took a divot and it hit his golf ball causing it to move.

And just like yesterday, when Tiger Woods’ golf ball moved while removing a stick, this is a breach of Rule 18-2. Unlike Woods though, Rose replaced the ball and took just a one-stroke penalty. Woods did not replace his ball and was handed a two-stroke penalty after his round.

This is one of the strangest penalties in golf I’ve ever seen but you can be sure I’ll never be taking a practice swing directly behind the golf ball.

Rule 18-2. By Player, Partner, Caddie Or Equipment
a. General
Except as permitted by the Rules, when a player’s ball is in play, if
(i) the player, his partner or either of their caddies:
• lifts or moves the ball,
• touches it purposely (except with a club in the act of addressing the ball), or
• causes the ball to move, or

(ii) the equipment of the player or his partner causes the ball to move,

the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.

If the ball is moved, it must be replaced, unless the movement of the ball occurs after the player has begun the stroke or the backward movement of the club for the stroke and the stroke is made.

Hat tip to Devil Ball Golf for spotting this one.

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