Jason Day writes a letter to his younger self

Jason Day had a tough childhood and he talks to his younger self via this letter.

We’re starting to learn more and more about Jason Day and his story. Day revealed a lot about his difficult childhood in a recent, must-watch documentary (if you haven’t watched it, you should), and not he has penned a letter to his younger self for a piece at The Players Tribune.

It’s a confronting, moving letter that touches on the death of Day’s father and his subsequent spiral out of control as a wayward teenager. Here is a snippet…

With no way to look inward, you’re going to start to act outward. You’ll fall into trouble, increasingly. You’ll drink. You’ll get into fights.

As far as golf is concerned — you haven’t played for six months. Not since your dad’s cancer. Sure, you’ll still pick up your clubs sometimes. You’ll take your swings, maybe every other weekend, just to remember what that feels like. But it’s not the same with dad gone. It’s not, and it won’t ever be.

There’s going to be a voice in your head, telling you to choose family. That’s good. Listen to that voice.

Your dad is the one who put a golf club in your hand. Without him … it’s like a math problem you can’t solve. You don’t know what fits where; don’t know the equation that will make your world finally make sense again. It’s just … hard.

Read the full letter over at The Players Tribune.

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