Jason Akermanis hits back after golf club ban

News Corp sites have reported that 2001 Brownlow Medalist Jason Akermanis has been banned for a month from his local golf club after accusations of cheating.

According to news.com.au, Akermanis was banned from the Thurgoona Golf Club near Albury after being accused of hitting a golf ball from out-of-bounds and marking down a four on one hole when he supposedly had six shots.

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Although banned for a month, Akermanis doesn’t sound like he will be returning to the club any time soon.

“I’ve never had any trouble at any other club,” Aker said. “This was the sixth time I’ve had issues there and I’m not going back.”

It sounds like someone was keeping a close on on Akermanis on one occasions and he decided to play along with two golf balls.

Two weeks ago another member witnessed the ex-Lions forward have six shots when he’d signed for a par four on the 17th hole.

“I knew he was watching, my first ball was in for four and I told my playing partners to watch this so I had a bit of a play around,” Akermanis said.

“I knew what the guy was doing, it’s an absolute joke.”

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