Jarrod Lyle returns to tournament golf at 2013 Australian Masters

Jarrod Lyle is nervous ahead of his return to golf this week at Royal Melbourne.

Jarrod Lyle returns to tournament golf this week for the Talisker Australian Masters at Royal Melbourne and Andy Maher and Tim Watson interviewed him on SEN radio‘s Morning Glory program this morning.

Lyle returns after a 20-month break from golf while he battled leukaemia for a second time and he openly admits to being nervous about

“I went to the course yesterday and I got near Victoria Golf Club and I said to Brian, my caddy in the car, ‘I’m nervous now, and I’m not even at the golf course’.”, Lyle told SEN Radio.

“I feel like I’m a rookie. I went and registered yesterday and I couldn’t get into the clubhouse, I wasn’t sure where to park the car, I couldn’t find the range. It was seriously like I was there for my first time.”

During the interview (above), Lyle chats to the SEN crew about his friendship with Rickie Fowler, slow play and expectations this week for the coming Royal Melbourne where Lyle has set himself the task of making the cut.

Lyle found out that he had a second battle with leukeamia on his hands just prior to his wife giving birth to their first child. He only had a brief period of time with his new-born daughter before beginning chemotherapy – during which time he could have no physical contact with her.

With this in mind surely this is one of the great golf photos of all-time:

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