Jack Newton warns Jason Day of “American BS”

Jack Newton has just one concern about Jason Day’s future.

A story hit the FoxSports.com.au site on New Years Day reporting that Jack Newton’s biggest concern about Jason Day is too much “American BS”.

Newton has hosted many international junior tournaments and has been singing the praises of Day ever since he saw him play as a junior claiming he is “technically the best junior I’ve seen come through”. Newton quite rightly laments that Day could have won two majors by now and urges Day to keep coming back for a taste of Australian life.

“As long as he doesn’t get too full of the American BS,” he said.

“You’ve got to come back and get a good dose of Australia into you and recharge your batteries and go back.

“Because when you’re there, it’s a numbers game and they’re playing golf courses which suit the Americans.”

I understand where Newton is coming from with this, but of all the Australian golfers on the US PGA Tour I’d argue that Day is the most suited to American courses and way of life. Day has lived in America since 2006 and has a golf game perfectly suited to American target-golf style courses.

The most exciting aspect of his World Cup victory for me was seeing that Day can clearly adjust his game to win on any golf course – boding well for future assaults on The Open Championship.

Day is firmly entrenched in the US with an American wife and a young son and there is some concern that Jason Day won’t visit our shores as frequently as we would like. But I don’t see it as a problem for his golf game or his ability to win major golf tournaments.

Read the full story at FoxSports.com.au.

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