Is there a mini-golf resurgence going on in Australia?

Golf Industry Central have a great feature in their latest e-magazine on the rise of mini-golf in Australia.

Three mini-golf courses were designed and constructed by Mini Golf Creations in Australia in 2016; at KDV Sport on the Gold Coast, Wembley Golf Course in Perth and at City Golf Club in Toowoomba where the video above was shot. There is also two relatively new, fantastic mini-golf courses at Thornleigh Golf Centre in Sydney that has been hugely popular since their construction.

With the addition of the first-ever Australian Open Mini Golf Championship last year, Golf Industry Central points out that perhaps mini-golf is something golf needs to invest in to try to get more players to the full size version of the game.

It’s interesting to see some of the innovations made in traditional sports in answer to modern societies need for faster information and more immediate feedback and results. We only have to note the changes to our most traditional game, cricket, over the years, as it first provided the 50 over format to the traditional five-day test matches, and now we have the really popular 20-20 format.

Golf too is certainly looking for new innovations to attract more players, in particular the younger generation, and the resurgence of Miniature Golf might just be the answer the sport needs.

Most importantly, the designs look fantastic as you can see in the video above and Mini Golf Creations sound like they’ve created some fantastic mini-golf courses around Australia:

Gone are the days of rebounded shots off bricks, windmills and fibreglass characters, now replaced by very cool design of the terrain, brilliant landscaping and the feel of a real golf course. Like great design on a regular course, the players should be faced with a daring line to the flag and be rewarded when hitting a good shot.

Read the full article over in the Autumn issue of Golf Industry Central’s E-Mag.

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