How to shank a chip shot: David Feherty

Steph Wei of Wei Under Par has written a great piece on her day out with David Feherty and Tiger Woods at a golf day for wounded soldiers.

Tiger reportedly made a point of wanting to turn up and mingled with all golfers during the day. Feherty was his usual irreverent self to everyone and everything, including the dreaded shank.< At one point in the day, Feherty made a point of explaining the only two ways shank a chip shot that Steph caught on camera. For those who don't suffer from the shanks, it is fun viewing. For those who do, then it may be a nice little lesson on what you're doing wrong.

One thought on “How to shank a chip shot: David Feherty

  • That is great. Not sure he was trying to shank either of them. It is fair to say I have shanked plenty of chip shots in my day. That last point about never letting the club go past your hands is the best tip I have ever learnt when chipping


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