How to play the hybrid chip shot around the greens: video

In the winter months when the grass is a little light on growth, using the  hybrid golf club around the greens is a very useful shot to play.

Many Australian golf courses tend to have tight lies around the greens rather than the thick rough we see on many American golf courses. In the winter months with low growth or in the drier summer months, playing chip shots from these lies can be a tricky task.

Rather than attempting a chip shot, using the hybrid golf club from these lies around the greens is worth practising and using during your round. It tends to eliminate the sculled or chunked chip shot and gets the ball rolling towards the hole without a lot of spin. It’s really all about judging the distance – just like putting.

I’ve searched for a while for an Australian golf professional explaining the technique for using the hybrid club around the green but couldn’t find any. If any Aussie pros want to make a video on this tip, I’ll share it right here!

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