How Do I Qualify for the Champions Tour?

The passing of another year means the dream of making it to the world of professional golf is fading for many of us. But in the eyes of some, an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like hope has emerged in the form of the Champions Tour. Is it possible to live a normal, 9-5 working job only to “retire” onto this lucrative seniors golf tour?

Aussie Golfer is almost certain of the answer to this question but will not spoil the dream. Let us humour the whole idea and provide the necessary information needed in order to be eligible for the Champions Tour card, straight from the PGA Tour website FAQs.

In order to be eligible, all players must be at least age 50 prior to the first tournament obligation. Those eligible for membership include:
1. The top 30 players available from the prior year’s money list (with a floor or 50);
2. The top 30 players available from the All-Time Money List – not exempt in No. 1;
3. Four players in the Career Victory Category, ages 50 and 51 (not exempt at No. 1 or No. 2);
4. Seven players available from the National Qualifying tournament;
5. Five players invited by the tournament, with two spots restricted to PGA TOUR or Champions Tour victory or membership status; and
6. Two players from Open Qualifying.

There’s really not that many spots and it may appear to be a difficult task to qualify.

But don’t despair. Leave the desk now and go and practise. Even if it’s just to practise your putting alongside the water cooler. You’re fellow work colleagues and your boss will understand. Tell ’em you’re working towards your retirement.

One thought on “How Do I Qualify for the Champions Tour?

  • At 60 years Old the Bus may have already left, but I’am going to try my very best and turn the clock back just a little. Look for me next year.



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